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Senior Stormwater Analyst/Design Engineer


  • Responsible for analysis of watersheds associated with land development and public works projects

    • Use GIS datasets to ascertain existing site and watershed conditions

    • Watershed analysis will include establishment of existing conditions using best available data to define basin, node, and link characteristics, land use/cover and soils conditions 

    • Watershed analysis might also include obtaining and using publicly available regional watershed models prepared by others and updating parameters based upon more recently available topographic and publicly available regulatory data

  • Responsible for design of stormwater management systems for private land development and public works projects, including but not limited to subdivisions, commercial/office/institutional sites, roadways, etc.

    • Design responsibilities will include sizing/configuring stormwater management ponds and systems, and their associated outfall structures, adhering to both state and local design criteria, over which the team member would be responsible to gain a mastery

    • Design responsibilities will include modeling the post-developed condition of the watershed with design projects included to demonstrate that they meet design criteria

    • Preparation of Master Stormwater Reports, permit applications, and other documents/information in support of applications for regulatory permits relating to stormwater

    • Preparation of applications to FEMA for Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) 

    • Preparation of responses to agency requests for additional information during the regulatory permitting process

  • Responsible to guide technical staff responsible for plan preparation by giving instruction, preparing mark-ups of plans, and offering guidance

  • Responsible to show leadership in the subject area by staying current with respect to stormwater regulations, status of regional models, and software/technology


  • BS (Minimum) in Civil or Environmental Engineering (Water Resource emphasis preferred)

  • Florida P.E. License, or ability to obtain it by reciprocity or other means within one year or less

  • Proficiency in using ESRI GIS

  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D software

  • Proficiency in using multiple watershed modeling software packages

  • Proficiency in using ICPR (Interconnected Channel and Pond Routing Model) software, or ability to learn it

  • Familiarity with one or more storm sewer hydraulics software packages

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